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Onsite Activities Paused!

All classes have been paused for the lockdown period unless they

can be held virtually.  

Depending on further guidance once the lockdown period comes to an end, we are hoping to resume classes again in 

early December.

Keep a check here for further information!



COVID-19 Mental Support

COVID-19 Physical Support

COVID-19 Financial Support


Click above to see a list of free, confidential helplines available for you if you are in need of some support and advice or if you’ve had a tough day,

are feeling worried or overwhelmed, or maybe you have a lot on your mind and just need to talk it through.


Click above to find links and resources for good mental health, inclusion and support for leaders, BAME staff members and families, including links to childcare over the summer holidays.

Physical Therapy Session

Click above for links and resources to support your physical health and wellbeing. This includes free yoga sessions, access to NHS virtual fitness studio and our BSUH virtual physiotherapy clinic.

British Pound Coins

Click above for a list of links and resources that can help if you are struggling financially or are after some guidance. This also includes a comprehensive list of discounts available for NHS staff via our COVID-19 page and the NHS England page.

Working from Home

Health & Wellbeing E-Learning on IRIS

BAME Staff Support

Leader Support

Working From Home.PNG

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic many have been asked to work from home. Click below for some useful guidance and resources to help you adapt and stay safe in your new working environment.


A new Health and Wellbeing e-learning module has been developed on IRIS, offering some handy hints and tips to help people stay mentally and physically well during COVID-19. This module has extensive links to additional resources as well as practical tips that staff can use.


We've put together a list of guidance, links and resources to support our black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff during this difficult time. 


Being a good leader now through this current situation is more important than ever but it is also when it is most challenging. To help support leaders through this we have put together a list of links to guidance, training and other resources.

 Health & Wellbeing Team

Faye Heffernan


Ext 64254

Tracy Grover


Ext 67452

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