“I really do believe that our jobs in healthcare demand the best of us. In order for us to be able to give our best then we need to pay attention to our own health and wellbeing and our colleagues.”
Denise Farmer
Chief Workforce and Organisational Development Officer

Why has BSUH Wellbeing been created?

The Wellbeing of our staff is of great importance to us and BSUH Wellbeing is a place for you to find information, activities and support for your health and wellbeing at work, and at home.

The Connections and HELP services are a vital part of responding to the stresses of our work. When things are really difficult, we're thankful that they are there. But to help them, we need to do everything we can to support you before it reaches that point.



You are the Trust

You do an incredible job in challenging circumstances. It’s the responsibility of BSUH to help you manage these challenges.

We’re Taking this Seriously

We’re working with experts from within and outside the Trust to make changes to the Health, Wellbeing and Culture across the Trust.

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