Mental Wellbeing

What's Available?


The Health Employee Learning and Psychotherapy (HELP) Service

HELP provides staff with confidential support, counselling and psychotherapy for a range of issues. These may be work-related such as stress management, concerns about relations with colleagues, employment difficulties, or issues following a critical or traumatic event. There may also be personal issues that are having an impact.
A specialist type of psychotherapy - Eye, Movement, De-sensitisation and Reprocessing (EDMR) - is also provided.

Contact : Donna Butler on 3692 or email

    The Connections Team

We are here to provide an impartial and confidential point of contact for you to discuss concerns that may be affecting you at work.


The Connections Team will listen to your concerns and help you to find the right advice, information or help that you might need. Where appropriate, we will also put you in touch with the other support services available within the Trust.


Please feel welcome to get in touch with the Connections Team to arrange a telephone or face to face appointment. Appointments are available from 10am to 2pm, Tuesday to Friday.


                 Ext. 67452/64254

Spiritual Care

Spiritual refers to whatever animates us, what every gives our lives breath and meaning which may or may not include a belief in God or gods.  Spiritual care is very much part of our well-being.


Our chaplains are experienced in helping and supporting people in a variety of ways,  They are available to advise, support and assist staff. Importantly, the Chaplaincy team is always willing to offer spiritual support to people of no particular religious faith or those with no links to any particular tradition. If needed the Chaplaincy team will be able to find a contact for most religions, faiths, and beliefs. The Chaplains are supported and assisted by a team of volunteers.

Royal Sussex County Hospital:

Chapel open 24/7

Muslim Prayer Room open 24/7

Muslim Prayers held in The Oasis in the children’s hospital

Princess Royal Hospital

Chapel open 24/7

Muslim Prayer Room open 24/7

We offer staff a wide range of activities to help with well-being:


Someone to talk to: the chaplains are available to speak individually with staff and if necessary to sign post staff to other services / agencies.

Reflective Practice Groups:  we already facilitate several on-going RPGs for various teams across the Trust.  Let us know if you would like further information or to set up a group.

Royal Sussex County Hospital Chapel

- Monday  17:30hrs  RSCH Contemporary Choir

- Tuesday 17:30hrs RSCH Choral Choir

- Wednesday & Thursday 17:30hrs Yoga

- Thursday 12:00hrs Meditation Group

- Monday – Friday 09:00hrs Morning Prayer

- Sunday 10:00hrs Morning Service.

Contact: Rev Peter Wells

Ext. 4122

NHS Retirement Fellowship

The NHS Retirement Fellowship is the social, leisure, educational and welfare organisation for current and retired NHS and Social Care staff and their partners

Visit the website below for details of over 150 branches, Events and Activities

You can call our free membership team number: 0800 9151455 or you can contact the secretary of your local branch:


Ann Jones:

Smoking Cessation

Contact: Anna Fairhurst

Smoking Cessation Manager

Ext. 7445

You can walk-in or drop in at any time at your convenience

No need for appointment bookings

Ease of access

Several qualified smoking cessation advisers

Employee Relations Advice Line

Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of all the policies, or knowing where you stand as a manager or employee within the trust.


Our team of skilled staff can help with your employee relations or policy related queries.


You can find all Trust Human Resources Polices on the Staff Info net:-

Contact: Abbi Denyer

Head of Employee Relations and Medical HR

 Ext. 4081

Contact: Sophie Milner

Employee Relations Coordinator

 Ext. 67611

Contact: Caroline Owens

Ext. 62870

Mob. 07387 259 307

Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian is here to give you support and advice if you are worried about something you think may affect the quality or safety of patient care or is a risk to our Trust.  You will get advice on how to raise your concern effectively and guidance for how our policy and process works for raising concerns.


You can talk with Caroline Owens in confidence, she is able to provide  personal support through the process if you encounter difficulties with speaking up about patient safety, care and risk.   

Equality, Diversity and Human Rights                            


Our Inclusion Team supports BSUH in a variety of ways, from reviewing wayfinding, supporting staff via training and supportive tools and resources, supporting patients communication and accessibility needs.  Also working in partnership with other local public sector organisations to ensure a more collaborative approach to Equality.  

For more information see :

Contact: Babs Harris

Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Ext. 67251

Contact: Simon Anjoyeb

Equality Project Manager

Ext. 64135

Contact: Olivia King

Equality and Inclusion Advisor

Ext. 64685

LGBTQ+ Network

We’re here to support LGBTQ+ staff/volunteers and our allies, to help BSUH be an inclusive ‘employer of choice’, to engage with local LGBTQ+ communities, and to provide excellent, non-discriminatory care for our LGBTQ+ patients/service users.


We acknowledge all Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities (incl. non-binary identities, and intersex individuals).  We particularly welcome Black & Minority Ethnic (BME), disabled and other LGBTQ+ people who are historically under-represented.


We can offer support, and signposting to Trust services.  We also run a range of other social, community and development activities.  If you’d like to know more, need support or advice, or would like to get involved, please get in touch by emailing or visit our BSUH page here.

The Social Side

Would you like to know more about the groups, activities and services that are on offer to you at BSUH? If so, then click on the banner above and fill in our sign up sheet to recieve more information on the things you're interested in!

Schwartz Round

We are delighted to announce that ‘Staff Stories’ will be returning, but will now be referred to as ‘Schwartz Rounds’ in line with other Hospital Trusts and in order to reflect the original philosophy of Professor Schwartz.

What is a Schwartz Round?
Schwartz Rounds are there to provide a forum for hospital staff from all backgrounds to come together to talk about the emotional and social challenges of caring for patients. The aim is to offer staff a safe environment in which to share their stories and offer support to one another.
Evidence shows that staff who attend the forums, feel less stressed and isolated with increased insight and appreciation for each other’s roles.

Save the Date

The next Schwartz Round is on Monday 4th November at the Audrey Emerton Building from 13:00 - 14:00 and the topic will be 'The Pressures of Patient Flow and the Stress it puts on Staff'. There will be speakers from both Operational and Clinical staff. There will also be a 'grab bag' lunch available from 12:45pm to take in with you.


Contact details

​Facilitator: Emma Richardson -

Administrator: Alison Davies -

The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove

Carers Support West Sussex

CSWS - Main Logo (Clear Background) 2019

Carers Hub Brighton & Hove

Carers Hub aims to improve the quality of life of carers in Brighton & Hove by offering them a wide range of services and comprehensive local resources:

  • Information/Advice/ Signposting

  • Carers Awareness Training for Professionals

  • Carers Assessments and Support

  • Young Carers Project

  • Home-based Respite to enable Carers to attend health-related appointments

  • Supporting Carers who are caring for someone at the end of their life, and those who have been bereaved

  • Peer Support for Carers

  • Supporting Carers of people with Dementia

  • Improving the Well-being of Carers through the Carers Reablement Project


Contact them at:

Telephone:01273 977000


Carers Support West Sussex


Carers Support West Sussex is an independent charity offering support to family and friend Carers across the county.


Support is delivered to registered Carers in a variety of methods throughout West Sussex:


  • Currently providing more than 50 monthly support groups addressing a wide range of caring situations

  • The Carer Learning and Wellbeing programme providing free courses, such as ‘Living with Guilt’

  • Counselling

  • Equipment to support those in a caring role

  • Carer Wellbeing Fund

  • Signposting to relevant services and organisations.


Carers Support West Sussex have support workers available for friend and family carers in both Princess Royal and The Royal Sussex County hospital.


To find out more, or to register as a Carer:


Call the Carer response line 0300 028 8888

Email or


Onward Arts logo_edited.png

Onward Arts seeks to improve the experience of patients, visitors and staff and create a healing hospital environment for all. Passionate about arts in health, we advocate the value of integrating the arts into the culture of the Trust and deliver high quality, patient-centred, arts projects in partnership with the communities we serve.

For more information please visit:


The Well.jpg

The Well: Social Networking & Support for Doctors in Training

The Well is a health and wellbeing hub for doctors in training in Brighton and Mid Sussex.


Click on the image above to visit the Facebook page where they will be posting about local events and discounts and planning plenty of their own.


Life is wonderful but we all know that it can get really hard sometimes. The Well is there to remind you that if you need help you are never on your own. There is always support available, to reach out, have a look at the links below or send them a message at


  • The Well have an ongoing discount for yoga through studio_iO in Brighton. Use code NHS25 for discount off classes when booked through the website

  • The Practitioner Health Programme/GP Health Service is a confidential, self-referral NHS service for doctors and dentists with mental illness and addiction problems. They are committed to providing confidential and good quality care for doctors in difficulty.

  • The official BSUH wellbeing offers a wealth of health and wellbeing activities to support you, including yoga, Pilates, Zumba and carers support groups.

  • MIND the charity has a wealth of information and support to people in crisis. Access at

  • The SAMARITANS offer 24/7 support to people in crisis or anyone wanting support. Access at

BSUH Disabled Staff Network

The BSUH Disabled Staff Network is for all members of staff at the Trust who define themselves as having a disability whether that be hidden or not.

The Disabled Staff Network came into being in the first quarter of 2019 and holds regular Staff Network Groups as a way of supporting aims and responsibilities.


These meetings aim to provide staff with:

  • A safe space to discuss common issues or concerns in relation to disability in the workplace

  • An opportunity to share resources and information that have helped them in relation to their disability

  • An opportunity to collaborate with others to offer ideas on what services the Trust could provide to staff with disabilities

  • A networking opportunity to meet other staff with disabilities

  • A place to share experiences

  • An opportunity to feed any suggestions to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team for consideration



If you would like to attend a meeting, find out how the network can help you or offer your support, please email Marce Quinn, the Disabled Staff Network Lead, on this address:

The next meetings will be:

  • 5th December 2019

  • 9th January 2020

  • 6th February 2020

  • 5th March 2020

Meetings take place in the Audrey Emerton Building from 13:00 - 14:00