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How are you feeling? NHS Toolkit

​​​This easy-to-use resource has been developed with NHS staff to:

  • help bridge a gap in understanding and enable us to talk openly and regularly about emotional health

  • assess the impact emotional wellbeing has on ourselves, our colleagues and on our patients

  • enable us to action plan to enable more good days than bad

  • Click Start on the image above to complete the assessment.

Useful Resources

One You Sussex

The One You website provides a useful range of resources to help you live more actively, eat healthy, take care of your mental and physical health and overall improve your health and wellbeing. Visit their website here

Weight off Workshop Mid Sussex

Mid Sussex Council runs  12 week Weight off Workshops across Mid Sussex that aim to support people towards a sustainable lifestyle change by motivating you to make positive food choices, increasing activity and considering practical ways to create and sustain healthy eating habits. The workshops are suitable for adults whose weight is above the healthy range. Visit their webiste to find out more

Mood self-assessment quiz

This is a quiz offered by the NHS website designed to assess your mood. It also includes links to useful information and advice on mental wellbeing. To take the quiz and discover tips to help stress, anxiety and depression, visit their website

Find help with stress, anxiety or depression

You can refer yourself directly to a psychological therapies service without seeing your GP.

These offer therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for common problems like stress, anxiety, depression, OCD and phobias. Find out how on the NHS Website here

NHS Apps Library

Find digital tools to help you manage and improve your health ranging from mindfulness, active living, mental health,  smoking cessation, etc. Visit the NHS apps library here

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