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Support and advice for patients and staff who are unpaid carers

Information and resources to support staff and patients who have caring responsibilities were on show during national Carers Week (June 11-17).

Charly Snell, Employers’ Engagement Lead for Brighton Carers Centre, said there was still a degree of sensitivity around being a carer. Some people didn’t actually see themselves as carers, while others may be reticent to mention to colleagues that they were caring for someone, or may be unwilling to tell their line manager that they had caring responsibilities.

Estimates suggest there could be just under 1,000 BSUH employees who have an unpaid caring role, and Charly urged members of staff who were unpaid carers, to get in touch to find out about the benefits, services and support groups available.

“Caring for someone can be valuable and rewarding,” she said. “But, without the right support, it can impact on all aspects of your life - your health, job, finances and social activities.”

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