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Dr Tom Wood wins our Movember selfie competition

Tom Wood, a foundation doctor working in haematology, is the winner of our selfie competition with a fine full moustache, grown as part of Movember to raise awareness and funds to tackle prostate and testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Tom has been a regular Movember participant and says it’s good to have a charity that supports malemental health, as well as funding male specific cancer research.“I've been doing Movember every year for the past six years - hilariously even before I could grow amoustache.“Over the last couple of years I've become very interested in the mental health issues that men are facing.Historically, men have had to have the 'stiff upper lip', crying was never seen to be acceptable, and phrasessuch as 'man up' or 'be a man about it' were very common. Although I think this is now changing, theeffects of those thoughts and expectations still linger.“Everyone is allowed to be sad, or angry, or depressed, or anxious, and sometimes they need help withthat. Knowing how, when and where to seek that help, can be difficult even if they are able to get past the'man up' expectation. Is it any wonder that suicide is the biggest killer amongst young men?”Most men, he says, probably experience a situation where seeking help would be appropriate at somepoint in their lives.“Debates in the media often generate examples of rich, successful male executives who are emotionallyuntouchable, but most men don’t fit that mould and even those that do, may also need help at times.”

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