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A Day Off the life of Porter, Tom Broadhead

When did you first take up guitar? My dad has played guitar his whole life, so there was always music and guitars around at home. He got me an acoustic when I was six but I wasn’t too interested then. It was when all my mates were playing that I got into it, and I’ve been playing now for about 13 years. What appealed to you about it? I really just liked rock music. Did someone inspire you? I like a lot of musicians but not just one player. How does it help you unwind? I work six days a week and at the end of the day I can’t wait to get out and start playing. I snapped a tendon in my finger when I was at the gym recently. I couldn’t play or rehearse with our band, Tortugar, for a few weeks and it was so frustrating. But we’re starting to rehearse more and doing gigs again in Brighton and Worthing. What are the physical and mental benefits? Playing music is more about mental rather than physical benefits. If I’ve had a stressful day at work, it’s good to unwind by playing guitar. I play lead and rhythm in the band. We have to put in a lot of practice. I write my own music and come up with new songs. It’s good to be writing my own material. I’m making up songs all the time and I always have a tune in my head. I sometimes hum a tune into my phone, so that I don’t forget it. How does it help you deal with pressures at work? Work can be stressful but when I’ve been absorbed in music with the band and I come back from a day off, I feel more relaxed and refreshed. I’m working here a lot because I need to earn to pay for things for my music. Also, my girlfriend is Spanish so we visit Spain quite a bit. I speak fluent Spanish. What’s it like when you’re absorbed playing? It feels good. I can be a bit nervous if we’re playing a gig, but it’s a good adrenalin rush. When I’m practising I feel free and comfortable. It’s a good place to be. Would you recommend it to others? Yes definitely. Music’s a great past time.

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