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Would your team like a 10-minute yoga demonstration?

Laura Clark (left), who previously worked at BSUH as a sexual health advisor, is offering to visit Trust teams who want to find out more about how yoga might help them relax and unwind. Laura is a qualified yoga teacher and runs a yoga class for staff on Tuesdays at Sussex House at 5.30 pm, starting on 22 January, which is a discounted price of £6 for all NHS staff “It’s great to come back here to teach yoga,” Laura says. “I know how stressful work can be in the NHS. I’ve been doing yoga for 25 years and I’ve always used it to help me, through the good times and the more difficult times. “My style of yoga is based in gentle movement gradually building up to a slow strength building flow. It’s a class welcoming to first timers as well as those who know yoga. I offer modifications for yoga poses so all can join in. I like to think that within a yoga class, the space on the mat is yours. It’s your time with your body and mind. Yoga really does help you to feel more resilient and people say it can change your life, which is hard to explain. So you’ll just have to try a class to find out if it does.” When Laura worked at BSUH in the sexual health clinic, she used to attend a yoga class where she met Trish Reid (right) Senior Medical Photographer. Trish says: “I love yoga because it’s so relaxing. You stretch all your muscles and you feel so good afterwards. It’s a lovely way to end the working day.” If you want to find out more or would like Laura to visit your department for a brief introduction and demonstration, contact her direct at The hour-long Tuesday classes cost £6. Mats are available but bring your own if you have one.

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