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BSUH Proudly International

Nelson Pires Sousa’s journey from junior nurse to ward manager.

“I’ve been here at PRH for eight years. I started on Pyecombe Ward as a junior nurse and I’ve come back to the ward now as Ward Manager. It’s been a bit of a journey.

“When I started my first manager was very supportive and if I wanted to be involved in something she was always very helpful and encouraging.”

Over the years Nelson has completed a number of training courses including mentorship, advanced respiratory care and advanced clinical assessment. In the future he may consider doing some specialist respiratory care work or go further into management.

“I am a different person from when I arrived. I’m now a ward manager, I have a son and I’m very settled. Working in acute respiratory care can be quite fast-paced and you have to use all your skills. There’s a bit of adrenaline going on and you have to keep on your toes. You’re learning all the time.”

Nelson recalls having to get used to different accents and specific phrases which weren’t always immediately understandable. “I remember someone saying to me that they were going to ‘spend a penny’ and I thought, OK so you want to buy something. Then I found out what they meant.“ I came to the south of England because I think the weather is better. I’m used to sunshine and hot summers.”

Nelson enjoys the multi-cultural character of BSUH. "BSUH is very international. I’ve never met so many people from different parts of the world. And I love food, so there’s always someone bringing in some different dishes for me to try.”

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