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Zingy Thetho started at BSUH in January 1999. Two decades later, she’s still here, still learning, still developing and still loving it.

Arriving in Brighton was her first time out of South Africa. She was used to living near the seaside, so Brighton looked like a good match. And it’s proved to be. Apart, that is, from having to trade the soft, sandy coastline of the Eastern Cape for Brighton’s hard, pebbly beach.

Over the years, Zingy worked in elderly care and then did a stint on the bank to try out different departments. She moved into HIV care and stayed for 12 years, and then six years ago moved to her current role as a ward manager in oncology.

What she enjoys, in both HIV and oncology, is how care is so very centred on each patient. It’s busy, she says, but the wards are smaller, so there’s a bit more time to spend with patients and get to know them.

“When things go well it is very rewarding - for the patients because they are happy and for the staff because they feel fulfilled. And that makes me happy.

“I am learning all the time, every day. When I came here I thought I would stay for five years. It’s now 20 years and I’m still here. I love it.”

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