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Raising a cup to everyone at BSUH

“It’s good to be thanked for what you do.”

“It’s a great gesture.”

“It makes me feel valued.”

Just some of the comments from the scores of staff who poured into the RSCH Chapel on Wednesday to collect their reusable cup – a small gift but a big thank you from the Trust for the hard work they do every single day.

David Clayton-Evans, BSUH Support for Culture and Leadership said: “This is an opportunity to say a huge thank you to the staff for the amazing work they do every day. It’s also an opportunity for us to thank them for us getting out of special measures, for our CQC results, for our staff survey results and so much more.

“It’s an idea that came from staff. They said, if we want to say thank you, we want to make it meaningful. Every year at the Trust we use 64,000 disposable cups and we wanted to change that. So we chose something that was meaningful and sustainable.”

The response from staff has been fantastic, said Faye Heffernan, Engagement, Health and Wellbeing Manager. “It’s great to see people from all across the Trust. It’s a small gift but I think the meaning behind it means as a lot, and staff have really appreciated it.”

“This is a fantastic gesture from the Trust,” said Porter Steve Conway. “I like the fact that it’s a reusable cup. It’s nicer for the environment, better for the planet. It’s also been a long, hard winter and a good brew is very welcome.”

Cris Ann Buison, Senior Staff Nurse, was keen to pick up her cup. “For me personally this cup is a big thing. It’s not just a cup. It’s a sign that people are appreciated and valued. I think it is very important to say thank you and this cup means a lot.”

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