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Serving up healthier food for staff and visitors

A week of vegetarian and vegan meals, new menus to take advantage of the asparagus season and many sandwiches below 350 calories - all part of a consistent approach to provide BSUH staff and visitors with healthier food options.

There are now healthier option meals and snacks available on all Trust sites. Sandwich deals come with yoghurt, fruit and water, replacing crisps, chocolate and sweet fizzy drinks. In some outlets, there’s a reduced selection of chocolate bars, and products with high sugar, salt and fat have been removed from the till areas. Bottles of water have come down in price too, and Subway now do vegan sandwiches and salads, as well as vegetarian.

“We’re already compliant with many of the CQUIN requirements and we’re continuing to make changes all the time to improve what we offer,” says Terry McGuigan, BSUH Retail and Events Manager, in charge of The Terrace Restaurant at the Audrey Emerton Building, Waves and Subway at RSCH, and Bluebells at PRH.

“I think visitors and our staff can see that we’re changing and that healthier food is taking priority.”

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