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Cycle to work – it’s green, cheap and keeps you fit

Thursday 8 August was Cycle to Work Day and, as usual, Mary Daly, BSUH Pre-operative Assessment Unit Manager, was up early, cycling the 14 miles from her home in Brighton to PRH.

“Cycling to work is a great way to get in your exercise as part of your working day,” she says. “I’d recommend it to anyone. I know people can be a bit nervous on the roads with traffic, but you can nearly always find a quieter route, and there are some great courses out there to help you gain confidence.”

It ticks all the boxes – it’s green, cheap and it keeps you fit.

BSUH runs a cycle to work scheme where you can borrow to buy a bike and accessories, and interest-free repayments are taken out of your salary, so and you can save on tax, national insurance and pension contributions.

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